Step 1. ValuationWe examine the property, then confirm our estimate and suggested reserve on the lot(s). If you are in agreement, we produce a contract either in person if you have made an appointment, or we will send this out to you. We require a signed contract to be returned before we can proceed with any sale.

Step 2. ConsignmentOnce you have signed the contract, the lot is consigned with us for auction. Your item(s) will then be assigned a lot number and photographed and catalogued for the proposed sale.

Step 3. SaleIn the week prior to the auction, you will receive pre-sale advice, which will confirm your lot number(s) and the reserve(s). Following the auction you will receive post-sale advice, which will confirm your results. Should any lots fail to sell we will contact you with our recommendations.

Step 4. PaymentWe pay out all sellers 30 days from sale (assuming payment has been received from the purchaser). Our preferred method of payment is by bank transfer. You will receive a final statement showing the auction fees deducted and the final total when the transfer has been made.

Auction Sale Value

Sale valuations (to potentially enter items into our auctions) are given free of charge. A good first step is to email us an image of the piece together with details of size, condition, label, date if known and provenance where applicable. We can then get back to you with a provisional idea of value subject to inspection. If you prefer, you can contact us to make an appointment for a valuation at our saleroom in London. For larger, high value collections, Kerry can arrange a home visit. We receive valuation enquiries from across the globe on a daily basis, with overseas clients sending the pieces to auction by insured mail or courier.


Other Valuations

We are able to assist in appraising costume and textiles for insurance purposes, donations and negotiated sales to museums and private individuals. Over the last thirty years, KTA has undertaken valuations for many of the major international museums, British and European Royal and noble households, through to collections put together by private collectors. Valuation charges vary depending on the size of task involved, so please consult us for further information.


Private Treaty Sales

In addition to our regular auctions, we also sell collections and individual pieces by private treaty. Museums, interior designers, architects and stage/film companies often contact us with wish-lists for a particular exhibition, installation or production. Sellers sometimes prefer to go a less public route.

Please contact us if you would like to enquire about consigning or purchasing items by private treaty. Our standard conditions of business also apply to these sales.